Hello! My name is Jennica Atkinson (Johnstone) and I am a multidisciplinary creative, living and working in Los Angeles (by way of Birmingham by way of Brooklyn by way of Baltimore.)

With an education background in graphic design and photography, my practice has lead me to work professionally as a designer, art director, photographer, and stylist for the past 7 years.

I began exploring the medium of ceramics in 2013 with the interest to control and create a focused aesthetic, and lifestyle, through specialized objects. I am always designing a world that I want to live in.

When not working I can be found cuddling my two mini Australian Shepherds, stopping to look at plants, winning the animal category on "Heads Up", and sifting for house junk at the thrift store.


I am booked until the end of September, but if you have an exciting freelance design project starting in October, 2017...

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